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Sunset Park Task Force Fall 2021 Meeting - Shared screen with speaker view
Katie Walsh, resident
reminder to all that you have to rename yourselves - otherwise everyone is named "Christine"
Katie Walsh, resident
Dan Wiley looking at you
Micaela (SBIDC)
On the participants tab, click on the 3 dots beside your name. And click “rename”
Katie Walsh, Sunset Park resident
Ben, can you talk about the comments, questions and issues that CB7 raised in the committee meeting last week?
Jesse Solomon, SBIDC
Just a reminder to please place your questions in the Q&A
Summer Sandoval, UPROSE
I want to re-iterate the multiple concerns regarding energy and Steinor's commitment to work with the community that I shared on the Community Board 7 meeting last Monday. 1. In the CB7 meeting, Steinor shared that they have plans to build a new substation that was not mentioned here. 2. There was no plans for energy storage. 3. The planned 2 Megawatts of energy includes NO portion dedicated to community solar i.e. no direct savings/economic benefits shared with the community. UPROSE has worked tirelessly to create an equitable solar market. In the CB7 Meeting last week, Doug Steinor claimed there was no "economic" way to share even a small portion of the giant project for community solar. Though we helped create a state incentive they would ONLY qualify for if they worked with CBOs and have community solar. 4. On the site plan it shows solar + green roof, but when questioned- Steinor studios said it was either or not both.
Summer Sandoval, UPROSE
We are very concerned about how it appears that Steinor Studios is only interested in dictating the type of "benefits" for the community instead of being truly committed to working with the community to ensure development is in alignment with community concerns, needs, and priorities
Katie Walsh, Sunset Park resident
Shouldn't it be a nonprofit organization that manages and stewards the fund?
I will stay on the line but will be on audio only.
Katie Walsh, Sunset Park resident
but you need port authority to give you the right of way to give you that park - pedestrian - cyclists - access?
Katie Walsh, Sunset Park resident
this is the 50th and 1st waste transfer https://www.wasteconnections.com/msw-transfer-station/
Katie Walsh, Sunset Park resident
110-120 50TH STREET ---
Summer Sandoval, UPROSE
Thanks for flagging Dan! Yes, UPROSE has a climate justice march tomorrow, 9/23 at 2pm for climate week. Feel free to reach out if you want more info.
Summer Sandoval, UPROSE
Chat not letting me send files, but check out our social media for the action flyer